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29/05/07: Concreting Accident

Hello, and welcome to my daily art blog. You can download todays PDF by clicking on the image on the left, or here.

Next weekend myself and Patters and Les and Sam will be rendering the final wall my father ever built, in preperation for painting it (pink). Being risk averse, I decided to read up on the potential hazzards. I chose this magazine rather than the equally good 'Mortar Mortality Monthly' because of my own personal fear of getting my head stuck in the cement mixer. This is all bullshit, I made this magazine up!

For your information:
1) Clare and Jo will vouch for the fact that I did indeed once fall through their garden wall after a particularly heavy night of Tequilas.
2) The Imelda Marcos reference - suggest you type "Manila Film Center" into Google for more information.
3) The Crispin Glover reference - I would dearly love a copy of 'Concrete Inspection'!

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