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22/05/07: First Seed of Doubt

Hello, and welcome to my daily art blog. You can download todays PDF by clicking on the image on the left, or here.

Imagine for a moment that you are the first human being on Earth to suspect that the sunrise is not the work of God, but a mechanical, predictable process.
Or imagine for a moment that you've just invested all your money in the world's largest gob-stopper and you suddenly suspect that it won't fit inside your mouth.
Or imagine for a moment that you've just invented the world's first space hopper, but suddenly you realise that it need's 'ears' to hang on to. And it's a stupid idea in the first place.
Any of those apply, it's supposed to capture that moment of sheer panic that hit's you when you realise that your carefully executed plan is not quite as brilliant as you thought. It's then followed by a steely determination to carry on regardless. Like this blog!

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