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01/05/07: Lord Laden

Hello, and welcome to my daily art blog. You can download todays PDF by clicking on the image on the left, or here.

You may well be asking why I did this picture. It's because I've been thinking about Lord Lucan AND Usama Bin Laden. They have several things in common: they both come from extremely privileged backgrounds, they both have a total disregard for human life, and they both have seemingly disappeared without trace. I've done Usama as an English gent!

Technically, I composited this picture in Photoshop, first selecting a picture of Usama, then gentrifying him up with the deerstalker, cloak, monocle and pipe. Then I placed him in context - the background is a detail from "The Haywain" by Constable. I pushed each layer through a different cutout filter then the whole result got pushed through the trace function in Illustrator. Bet you're glad you asked.

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