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22/06/07: Thee Rock!

This is to be a serious pinballing weekend. Richard arrives today with his Black Knight in tow - he is loaning it to me for a couple of months. Amazing! Black Knight is of course one of the very best of the early solid states, barring Firepower of course! Black Knight was designed by Steve Ritchie with the software programming and sounds by Eugene Jarvis. It's going to live in the barn (for a while) beside my Firepower, which they also worked on together. And which also rocks! You may think that ""Thee Rock!" is what I am saying to Richard for being so generous, but no, this is what Richard will be saying to me in the early hours of Saturday morning when I completly blitz his machine on factory defaults.
This artwork is of based on the cabinet artwork of BK and I think would make a great tee-shirt. Do it!

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