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17/07/07: Free the MP3

This is not meant to suggest that MP3s should be given away, but that they should be sold WITHOUT Digital Rights Management software know, so that you can truly describe it as "my music" to other people rather than "music that I have temporarily licensed from Apple".

I did this THEN found out that Apple have actually dropped Digital Rights Management on iTunes. Yea! The MP3 is free finally! Hurrah to Liberty and Justice and all that!

Oh, wait a moment, turns out you have to pay more for that service. That's even sillier than before...before they were saying that they were doing it to protect the artist from villians like, you know, us! Now they're saying that it's ok to rip off the artist provided you pay THEM a little bit extra on the side. I don't think that home taping of music that you own should be illegal, it's a right we've enjoyed up until now. However, if you are now allowed to pay a little bit more for specials, I'd like to know how much extra I need to pay on a Britney Spears track to be allowed to shag her. And not the bald, crazy as a coot new Britney, the old skool schoolgirl Britney.

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