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13/07/07: Killspock Warriors

The KillSpock Warriors ROCK! They were formed in 1997 as a New Romantic band by their singer Sylvian Sylvian Le Bon and released their first album "Wecome to Planet KillSpock" shortly afterwards.

Typically, after a string of hits they vanished into a sea of high-class hookers and drug abuse, before re-emerging in 2007 with their masterclass in breakbeat-skiffle "Escape from Planet KillSpock".

I am proud to say that I have been employed by Sylvian Sylvian Le Bon himself to produce the artwork for their 12" remix of the title track from the album...and here it is.

Just to demonstrate that I can work to a brief, these were my instructions in full: "Name of the band...some maps or something, beautiful people running away...some sort of Star Trek reference". As you can see, I stuck to it 100% and didn't even put the track name on it because he didn't mention it!

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