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09/07/07: Why Not Eat Some Toast?

I know in the sophisticated age that we live in this ad appears somewhat crazy - who on earth actually needs to be told to eat some toast, it's just a natural human function right? But in the 1940's all sorts of advisory councils were set up to educate the British populous about what you could and couldn't eat (I guess people had forgotten due to the war!).

Here are some other examples that I couldn't be arsed to draw:
'Eat Paint - It's Healthy And Nutritious!' (from the Lead Advisory Council of Britain)
''Marmalade is also a Food' (from the Marmalade Advisory Council of Britain)
'A is for Asbestos Pie' (also, strangely from the Marmalade Advisory Council of Britain)
'It's not a Banana Unless it's a Powdered Banana' (from the Powdered Foods Advisory Council of Britain)
and the now classic,
'Don't Eat Pussy, it's what the Communists do!' (from the John Birch Society, UK Branch)

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