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06/07/07: Four Finger

First rule of Four Finger: YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT FOUR FINGER!
So, let's talk about Four Finger:
As far as playing the game goes I'll just give you a couple of examples of gameplay rather than attempt a complete explanation, this isn't because I'm being difficult, it's just that the game was explained to me in a pub by a very drunk person who was slurring their words quite a lot and I didn't fully understand all the subtle nuances involved.
I do know that a Swivel can be deflected by a Come Hither, and that the Devil has dominion over the Daddy, but only if the Point has not yet been made.
I know that historically, the Rule Breaker represents a Jack, The Rule Maker a Queen, and the Daddy a King - but in Four Finger gameplay it's not that simple - for instance the Rule Maker trumps the Rule Breaker, but strangley the Rule Breaker trumps the Daddy, it's called "The Genetic Disposition", which in itself is strange because this game dates back to Summarian times! One other thing I know is that the Chump is used only as a last resort.

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