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04/08/07: Sparks

Racial profiling is a handy tool against terrorist attack. As you can see, Subject E is clearly different from Subjects A, B, C, D and F. He's the blue one!

Of course, if he were a clever terrorist he could easily disguise himself to look more 'normal' in the same way that sometimes drug mules DELIBERATLY DON'T DRESS LIKE DRUG MULES to evade capture by Customs officials. THEREFORE, in a way Subject E is the LEAST suspicious looking because he most typically hits the suspicious profile, and only an idiot would do that. UNLESS, he's really clever, knows that his blueness marks him out as a potential terrorist, and also knows that in doing so it makes him LESS suspicious as a result of looking so obviously suspicious, and has therefore made himself even bluer than normal. Tricksy things these terrorists.

Let's just lock up the lot of them and be done with it!

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