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10/04/07: Cilice Bang

Hello, and welcome to my daily art blog. You can download todays PDF by clicking on the image on the left, or here.

Isn't corporal mortification a wonderful thing? Brings you closer to God and all that.

As the Rev. Michael Geisler, spiritual director of Opus Dei in St. Louis says "Self-denial helps a person overcome both psychological and physical weakness, gives him energy, helps him grow in virtue and ultimately leads to salvation. It conquers the insidious demons of softness, pessimism and lukewarm faith that dominate the lives of so many today".

Then again, I found this information about self-harmers on the BBC Health website:
"Self-harm is almost always a symptom of another underlying problem... it may also be necessary to look at and treat other problems. This could involve anything from medication to psychodynamic therapy."
"There are different theories as to why people self-mutilate. One is that because victims of childhood sexual abuse were forbidden to reveal the truth about their abuse, they use self-mutilation or self-cutting to express the horror of their abuse to the world."
"Another theory for self-cutting is that it triggers release of the body's natural opiate-like chemicals to reduce the pain. Perhaps self-cutters have become addicted to their body's heroin-like reaction...which is why they do it again and again. Drugs used to treat heroin addicts may be helpful...for those who describe a 'high' after they've cut themselves."

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